Reflectance Spectroscopy Training

We specialize in training individuals and companies in the use and applications

of the major brands of portable field spectrometers. 


Training is offered in spectrometer operations, applications, software and in the  methodology of reflectance spectroscopy.

The course covers data collection procedures, core analysis, mineral identification techniques using SPECMIN™, Search Match Tables, and the user interactive program FeatureSearch, plus other SII programs.

An understanding of Applied Reflectance Spectroscopy is also taught with theory, applications and detailed case studies in alteration systems of most interest to the client. Choices range include high and low sulfidation gold systems, porphyry copper, kimberlites, Witwatersrand, disseminated gold, greenstone and tropical weathering terrains.


General Course Outline

First Day
Introduction to Reflectance Spectroscopy
Spectrometer operation
Alteration mineralogy from the infrared perspective

Second Day
Sample Analysis - Data Collection Techniques
Case Studies
Hand Lens Quiz

Third Day
Mineral Identification Procedures

Fourth Day
Search/Match Software, SPECWIN, FeatureSearch
Analysis of client rocks

Fifth Day
Application of software to client alteration sites


The course is specifically tailored to the needs of the company.

English and Spanish instructors and manuals are available.


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