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Spectral International offers a range of software products for the display and interpretation of spectral data. These programs are not restricted to any specific spectrometer - they can be used with oreXpress™, SM-3500, PIMA and others. SPECMIN™ spectra can also be interfaced into Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Processing as ground truth information.

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NEW! EZ-ID, providing real-time mineral identification capability for the oreXpress™ portable field spectrometer.


Quickly identify your core, chip and hand samples using the oreXpress™ field spectrometer, now featuring EZ-ID software for real-time mineral identification. Scan your sample and the EZ-ID program immediately matches it against the included Specmin library or your own custom-built library. The Specmin customized alteration and deposit type libraries provide refined choices, eliminating incorrect ones.

EZ-ID provides a Library Builder software module so you can quickly and easily create and add to a custom library. EZ-ID software works with samples from a wide range of applications including mining, geology, remote sensing, vegetation studies, soil research, crop health, raw materials identification and more.





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