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SIMIS FeatureSearch 1.5


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FeatureSearch is a semi-automatic mineral identification package for determining mineralogy based on features observed in an "unknown" spectrum collected by a field spectrometer.

Ideal for novice users with little experience in spectral identification or for advanced users trying to determine low proportion end-members in mixtures.

The software is spectrometer-independent and operates with data from specTERRA™ instrument, ASD, GER or PIMA spectrometers.

The users can select a spectral library created with any spectrometer.

Drag and drop a file or select a file from Plot Preview, click on the "Search Library" button and the chosen mineral library is searched in less than a second. The results are dislayed clearly to allow the user to extract and save the information of interest in History Libraries.

Use the extracted end-members to build a deposit or environment specific library to use in an automatic mineral identification algorithm such as SIMIS Field 2.9. or save the results to directly import into Microsoft EXCEL.

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