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Spectral International offers an online training course in

Principles of Reflectance Spectroscopy

and Applications to Geological Exploration


This course is designed to teach the basic theory and practice of reflectance spectroscopy with specific refence to geological applications.

The course includes technical and training information specific to the major spectrometer brands.

Case studies on a range of different deposit types and geological environments are provided FREE OF CHARGE.


The online training course is provided as a series of modules.  These include:

1. Introduction to Reflectance Spectroscopy and Portable Spectrometers

2. Principals of Reflectance Spectroscopy

3. Mineral Groups

  • Clays
  • Carbonates, Sulfates, etc.
  • Iron Minerals

4. Field Methods

5. Data Collection

6. Spectral Variability

7. Core Logging

8. Mineral Identification

9. Software


Also included is a wide range of case studies showing the use and application of reflectance spectroscopy in a variety of different ore deposit types and geological environments.

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 English and Spanish language courses are available.


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