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SPECMIN™ is a mineral identification system for VIS-NIR-SWIR spectroscopy that includes an extensive and dynamic library of reference spectra for minerals, wavelength search/match tables, physical properties of each species in the database, and literature references for the infrared active mineral phases.

SPECMIN™ is not restricted to any specific spectrometer.  SPECMIN™ spectra can also be interfaced into Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Processing as ground truth information. Because SPECMIN offers such a variety of different minerals from a myriad of environments, it is usually possible to find representative and diagnostic end member spectra to match nearly any unknown.

Features of SpecMIN - Mineral Identification System

- Upload Digital Files

  • Contains conversion programs that can incorporate many forms of data (e.g., *.dsp, *.FOS, ASCII, GER, and ASD) – compatible with many known spectroscopy acquisition programs

- Over 150 Infrared Active Mineral Species

- Over 2000 individual reference files

- Spectral Search-Match Tables: can be accessed by

  • Major or minor absorption features
  • Mineral Species
  • Mineral Groups

- Includes other non-proprietary databases for additional searches

  • USGS
  • JPL
  • etc.

- Automated Search/Match by feature positions

- Includes the FeatureSearch Mineral ID program

Unique features of this program include the Search/Match Tables.

Files can be searched by mineral name, mineral group or class, wavelength, or filename.


Very useful for determining minor components and mineral mixtures.

SpecMIN incorporates options from the FeatureSearch program, which allows it to unmix spectral components, do mineral percentages, and access user-created custom libraries.

The unique SII spectral library includes:

  • Minimum of two different samples per mineral
  • Spectra that show compositional differences within mineral species
  • Spectra that show crystallinity differences within mineral species
  • Spectra that show grain size differences within mineral species
  • Selected ancillary analysis available (XRD, XRF, SEM)
  • Descriptive source information (source, deposit, museum collections)

The SPECMIN System is supplied in a CD or download format (for PC/Windows). It includes:

  • SpecMIN™ Data Base of Mineral Spectra
  • Mineral Spectral and Physical Data
  • Extensive Search/Match Tables
  • SpecWIN - plot and display program for spectral data, including multiple file conversion routines
  • FeatureSearch - Mineral Identification Program

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